Sunset is a founding member of the Lupes of the Leaping Hart. Around males, she tends to be extremely flirtatious, if not in outright "come-hither" mode, but when it's just ladies around, Sunny likes to take on the role of world-weary, slightly bossy mother figure. Her motto is, she's made all the mistakes a gal can make in life, so now if you listen up, you don't have to. She is quick to hold a grudge. Her closest friend in the pack is probably Pree, who, in her jaded way, does treat Sunset rather like a replacement mother.

Sunny also handles, in a sort of under-the-table way, a considerable portion of the "management" that goes along with having a brothel in the pack; she was the one to propose the idea originally, and she's the one who advises and instructs the Girls of the Leaping Hart. Pree finds it too distasteful to actually suggest to a lupe that they pick up prostitution, but Sunny has no qualms about it.

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