The Nantika Clan was a small pack of lupes that lived two days northwest of the Eagle Forest. The pack hierarchy consisted of alphas Nara and Norio , their young children Zaiirain and Zelcharion, beta Snowy Midnight , her children (Lungaia , Solaires and Faeori ), their mates (Deolaya and Aurelia ), and Norio's sister, the healer Xiarnia. Prior to this generation, the pack had flourished, but some undiscussed supernatural misfortune wiped out all but Nara's parents. Nara was in the process of rebuilding the pack when Snowy's wicked daughter, Kaeerah , came and slaughtered them, and sucked the ancient magic power from their sacred tree. The territory remained ravaged and empty for half a generation, but a new pack of lupes has begun to make its home there: the Lupes of the Leaping Hart .

Nantikan MagicEdit

Nantika had a long and valuable heritage related to earth-magic, or magic drawn from the natural environment. The font of this power was a staggeringly large tree at the center of their territory, and lupes learned to channel this power through the use of sigils carved into the trunk and roots of the tree, and tattooed onto the bodies of pack members. Learning the various elements and sigils, and when and to whom to apply them, was a great work of study, and much of this knowledge was lost with the deaths of Nara's father's generation. With the rebirth of the pack, work was put back into the regaining of this knowledge, but Kaeerah had to come and ruin everything. While the tree was not destroyed, its power as a font was corrupted, and any surviving lupes who wear the old clan's tattoos are subjected to uncontrollable side-effects related to their previous powers.


Some clan members were lucky enough to be away from the territory when Kaeerah came (Snowy and Bold); others were smart enough to take off immediately (Aurelia, Laya and Solaires). Lungaia and Nara survived the fight, but Nara is no longer her former self, and it is likely that Nantika and the powers it held are dead and gone.

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